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Our professional instructor brings 25 years of
dog training experience to Phoenix-area dog owners.
Let me introduce you to her:

Trisha Harper

Trisha Harper is an animal behavior specialist who reshapes pet behavior that owners identify as problematic.  A specialist in aggression management in pet dogs since 1982, she addresses a wide range of behaviors that include separation anxiety, thunderstorm phobias and housebreaking issues.  Trisha consults with veterinarians about the use of drug therapies for severe cases.  She also speaks to pet groups, private industry and federal agencies (ABdFC, Census 2000, UPS) about animal behavior, and serves as an expert witness for dog-related legal matters. 


Trisha is currently the owner and Director of  K-9 Security Services, LLC (Arizona Department of Public Safety license # 1536379), an Arizona-based security agency that provides Patrol K-9/ Officer and Explosives and Drug Detection/Handler teams to government agencies and private industry.  K9SS was the first company in Arizona to apply a non-aversive training program to the training of patrol dogs.



We have other well-qualified instructors that handle our bomb dogs, teach some of our classes, and generally make nuisances of themselves.
We love our trainers!

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